January 2011 Faults

Wine Defects Workshop

January 22, 2011

Have you ever wondered what causes cork taint, what it smells like, and how this wine defect differs from a wine that is oxidized? Would you like to be able to identify the difference between a wine with lactic taint and one spoiled by brettanomyces yeast? Have you ever wondered if it is possible to correct a wine with ethyl acetate?  We had this event Saturday January 22nd with Steve Foisie taking us through a close examination of the ten most common aromatic defects found in wine.

This was the first time that BEWBC & PSAWBC hosted a work shop on wine defects. It was an opportunity to experience (smell) common aromatic wine defects in red and white wine. We learned how these defects originate, and just as importantly, understand what if anything can be done to reverse the fault. Attendees were encouraged to bring a “suspect wine for examination in the workshop.