In House Competition

Annual In-House Wine and Beer Competition

The In-House Wine and Beer Competition held each year gives members an opportunity to try their special techniques to produce a winning product to be evaluated by a panel of judges.  Typically, we do a red wine, a white wine, a fruit or berry wine, and a beer.  In most years, the grapes are gathered from the same source, and fruit or berries may vary from year to year as to how they are sourced.  Entrants are all starting with the same raw materials and from there, each person makes his/her own decisions about yeasts, temperatures, chemicals, sugars, extra fermentation etc. to make their wine or beer the winning entry for the year.  In November of each year, the wines and beer are judged, and the first place winner for each category has their name permanently imprinted on the Club Plaque for posterity, and the winners get to keep and display the plaque for a year. 

In November of 2020 we will be having our next competition. The wines to be judged are: 2018 old vine zinfandel, 2019 roussanne, and apple.  The beer is a stout, any variety. 

In 2019 we got merlot for our red wine grape to be judged in 2021. For the 2020 harvest we are getting cabernet sauvignon from Red Mountain for our red grape. The white grape is still TBD.