November 2009

Port TasteThis was the long awaited Taste to Learn event presenting Port.  There were 14 attendees at Mary and Jerome’s home with Grace Nilsson doing the presentation.  The U C Davis Wine Judging sheet was reviewed going over the categories: Characteristics of Appearance, Aroma-Bouquet, Taste, Aftertaste, and Overall Impressions. Then there was a benchmark Port from Portugal tasted and discussed to begin with. We went on to taste Ruby Ports, Tawny Ports, White Ports.

Rank           Name                                      Price        Points

1            Dow’s Ruby Porto                         $21           209

2            Optima                                           $20          199.5

2           R. L. Buller                                    $13           199.5

3           Porto Rocha Bronco Lagrima        $18            179

4           Bonair Ruby                                 $20            178.5

5           Grace Nilsson Muscat Cream de Cocao         139

6           Sandeman Tawny                        $15             136

7            Paul Masson Ruby Port              $12             74