2018 In-House Competition

2018 In-House Competition Results! Congratulations to our winners!

Beer: Doppleboch – 1st Place Al Cutshal


  • 2016 Sangiovese – 1st Place David Hobson
  • 2017 Gerwurztraminer – 1st Place Suzanne Johnson
  • 2017 Blueberry – 1st Place Michael Stacey

In 2019 we will be judging the 2017 Tempranillo, 2018 Riesling, and 2018 Raspberry Wines.  You still have time to make raspberry if you have it in the freezer!  Beer still to be determined.   In 2020 we will be judging 2018 Old Vine Zinfandel with grapes we got from Lodi, CA.