2009 In House Competition

This years competition was Saturday, April 25, 2009.

The 2009 WINNERS are:

Chardonnay 2007                   Apple 2008                       Hefeweizen

Ron Fiedler                   Grace Nilsson           Mac McElroy

ron grace mac


Each year we have an in-house Club competition with three categories to enter.

1. Wine from grapes.        2. Wine from berries or fruit.         3. Beer.

The 2009 contest was:

: Grape – Chardonnay 2007 form Dennis Carter’s vineyard in Prosser, Washington

: Fruit/Berry – Apple 2008 from any Washington state source and any variety.

: Beer – Hefeweizen

The grape wine is chosen in the Fall and all grapes must come from the same source. This way the only variables will be what the winemakers do with their grapes to make the wine. The second April after harvest will be the time for these wines to enter in the competition so, they are typically 18 months old. Grapes from other sources at the same time may be entered and qualify for ribbons and receive judges comments. But they do not qualify to win the Club plaque.

The Fruit or Berry wine type is usually chosen in the spring for the following year. Most of the time all the fruit comes from the same source on the same day. However, on occasion the accepted source is more general. Such as, in 2005 the Berry Wine was blackberry with no central source or specific type. In 2008 the Fruit Wine was any variety of apple from any Washington state source. If there is a designated source for the fruit or berries, then the winemaker must acquire them from that source to qualify for the Club plaque. Ribbons and judges comments are shared with all entrants. The Fruit and Berry category wines are judged the April after harvest. So, these wines are less than a year old.

The beer variety to be made and judged in April is chosen by the previous year’s winner of the Beer Category.