PH meter to test for Total Acidity

First, calibrate your pH meter with pH 7.0 and pH 4.0 buffer solutions.

pH meter1Next, draw 15ml of wine sample into a small beaker.

Add 5mls of distilled water to the wine sample and mix together. Insert your pH meter and allow it to climatize and hold a reading.

Now, using a graduated syringe, draw up 9mls of .2N Sodium Hydroxide (just so you have enough for your test) and slowly add it to the sample while the pH meter probe is in the sample. Stop and swirl it all together often.

When the pH meter reads 8.2, stop. (this is the same pH at which Phenolphthalein changes color).

Example: 6.5mls brought the pH up to 8.2 so you have .65g/L Total Acidity.

It is simple and quick.