2017 In-House Competition

The 2017 In-House Competition Results:

2016 sangiovese rose: 1st place Al Cutshall, 2nd Jerome Robbins, 3rd tie: John Falkowski and Al Cutshall. 

2015 malbec: 1st place Michael Stacey, 2nd Jerome Robbins, 3rd David Hobson

Chokecherry: 1st place Grace Nilsson, 2nd Michael Stacey, 3rd John Falkowski

Beer Competition: Cascadian Dark Ale – 1st place winner Eric Miller, 2nd place David Hobson, 3rd place John Falkowski.  

For this harvest we will be getting tempranillo for the red wine, to be judged in 2019. Gewurztraminer will be the white wine, judged in 2018. Blueberry will be the fruit wine also judged in 2018. The 2016 sangiovese red will be judged in 2018.